Unskilled Worker Wages Will Increase

World 360 Jul 28, 2018 No Comments

On the other hand, Harvard University economist George Borjas has reported that low-skilled workers born in America have suffered financial damage across the board. The Wall Street Journal published a study in 2013 that over the prior twenty years the desperation and willingness of undocumented immigrants to work for less than natural born citizens has cost unskilled workers a 4.7% loss in wages over that period. In 2013 the generally more progressive New York Times published an article that was less definite, but stated that it was as high as 7.4%.

Now, over the course of two decades this might not seem too substantial to people who aren’t in that income bracket, but this was during a time period where unskilled laborers needed their wages to rise considerably to be able to match inflation rates. And as we learned, natural born citizens weren’t satisfied with $15 to $20 an hour wages as a means to get them to do that very hard labor in sweltering hot conditions. That’s a very strong demonstration of the immense power they will have to negotiate their wages up substantially.


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