Things That Would Happen if All Illegal Immigrants Left the US

World 360 Jul 28, 2018 No Comments

The issue of how the United States of America will deal with undocumented people entering its borders is so hot that many Americans were willing to embrace a ridiculous campaign promise as of building a wall between the United States and Mexico in hopes of addressing and potentially solving it, something thoroughly debunked in media like a video by Adams Ruins Everything. In our nation’s history, as tells us, there was the Johnson-Reed Immigration Act of 1924, which placed a limit on the number of permitted immigrants and banned Asian immigrants in general (which wasn’t changed until 1952).

But there are certainly reasons for wanting to control America’s immigration rates. We’re going to try to have a balanced approach to this topic with easy, simple answers. Unfortunately that’s probably just going to make everyone mad, especially the nineteen percent of people polled who said they wanted to have all illegal immigrants removed.


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