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 The Construction Industry Will Be Hit Hardest

As we mentioned previously, removing millions of homeowners from America is inevitably going to vastly undercut the demand for new houses. In one area, however, it will raise housing costs. North American Building Trades Union informs us that 25% of the total construction labor force in the commercial sector is illegal immigrants. The rate for construction workers in the residential sector is even higher than that. Now, considering how it required millions of dollars to train all those farm workers to replace the illegal immigrants in Alabama, imagine how much more it will cost to replace these workers in an industry where they’re much more prevalent.

That’s only part of the reason two thirds of professionals in the construction industry believe it would drive up prices, according to Consumer Affairs, and forty percent believe it would be enough that many companies would shift focus to working on luxury homes. Not only will many buildings no longer be made, but many homeowners will be more hesitant to have repairs done, which will drive down their value and cost the government a lot in lower property taxes.…

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