Billions of Dollars in Government Support Would Be Freed

World 360 Jul 28, 2018 No Comments

Returning to the issue of the sheer cost of deporting millions of people, people that favor the idea will likely cite the expense the government brings on itself by keeping them around and often providing them with financial support. During his campaign, Politifact.comreported that Republican candidate Donald Trump claimed that illegal immigrants cost the government $113 billion in services and benefits. In Los Angeles alone in 2010, services for children of illegal immigrants cost $52 million.

It may seem counterintuitive for welfare to be provided to illegal immigrants since they don’t have social security numbers and other identifiers that you’d imagine would be necessary, but it’s one of the reasons that the average illegal immigrant household was estimated to cost $24,721 in 2010 according to The Fiscal Times. It should be noted that illegal immigrants paid about $14 billion in taxes (about twenty percent lower than the average natural born household with a similar level of income) during the same period, but obviously that’s a large net loss as far as direct expenses versus taxes are concerned. Still, as we’ll see, illegal immigrants in the labor force allow for lowered expenses that go a long way towards making them essential for America’s economy.


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